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how to root android phone without PC - When I just bought an android phone, I love to do some cool stuff on my android phone and share with my friend. But when I try to find some neat tricks that require a root access most of the time. At that point I was completely unaware of that but, you do not worry after reading this article you will quickly understand what root is and how to do it with your computer or with your Android phone, and also I provide one cool tricks that you would love it.Without taking so much of time let’s learn about root and how to do it.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process of unlocking the operating system that allows you to access to the entire operating system and customize it.In simple words it provides, you features to do anything on your Android phone.                              

Advantages of Rooting:-

·        Running Special Apps: -By rooting your android phone you can use any specialized apps that require root access like Titanium Backup, Greenify, Wifi killer and many others things that will provide you some extra features to your smartphone that you cannot use it without root.
·        Free Up Memory: - With a rooted phone you can free up your memory too as we know that when we buy any android phone, there are many preinstalled apps that we do not want it but through root access, you can remove these apps and free up your memory
·        Custom ROM’s-This is the best part of a rooted Android phone that you can change the whole appearance and function of your Android device that will not only help you to make your phone look different from other device but also provide you extra speed to your Android phone that is perfect according to your processor.

Disadvantages of Rooting

·        It voids your Phone’s Warranty- When you root your Android phone your manufacturer’s warranty becomes void because the google framework and other security apps have the full access to your Android phone but malicious apps can also get full access if your phone is not rooted malicious program can get full access that why phones’ warranty voids. So if you rooted your android phone and then unroot it and try to get the warranty, then the service center would decline you from providing you warranty. So my suggestions are that always root your android phone after phone’s warranty.
·        Increased Bricking Chances the phone – While rooting your phone can sometimes be damaged, and it will become a same like brick means it will become a dead phone with no use. But chances are of bricking the phone is very low.
·        Poor Performance – Some People who root their phone experience reduced performance after rooting their phones this is mostly because of installation of too unwanted apps or infected by a virus and may be some another cause.
·        Higher Vulnerability to Viruses – When you root you are a phone and try to change flash your new ROM there are some chances of software bugs and viruses through infected from.So always try to download from trusted site like Xda developer

How to Root Android phone with Computer 

Step 1- Just got Kingoroot website by clicking here and download Windows rooting application from the site and install it on your computer
Step 2- After Installing Kingoroot Go to your android phone and enable USB Debugging mode on your phone by going to settings then go to about phone and press build number 10 -20 times until the developer option is activated after that go to developer option and just tick the USB debugging mode and press ok button
Step 3: -After Enabling USB debugging to connect your Android phone to your computer with the help of USB sync cable and open the king root windows application for rooting your android phone.
Step 4: -After Opening Kingoroot just clicks on Root, then just sit back and relax and wait a while the utility does it work. After some time, your Android device will be rebooted automatically after that you will see in the software that your phone is rooted successfully. To check whether your phone is rooted successfully or not just open your phone you will see a new app name superuser.

 How To Root Android Phone Without Pc : -

Step 1: - Just go to kingoroot official site by clicking here and download the app file and install it.If you face some problem like the Unknown sources disable or something then just go to your setting tap to security, scroll down to Unknown Sources and toggle the switch to the on position and retry to install the app it will definitely  get installed
Step 2: - After Installing Kingoroot app just open king root app and click one click root after that you just have to sit back and relax until the root is successfully is done.
Step 3: -That’s all your android phone is successfully rooted to check whether it is rooted or not you can download an application called root checker from play store and check it.

As I promised you to share a cool trick with you from that you will be able to play a game even it is not installed on your device sounds interesting right let check this out
Step 1: - Just go to your phone settings and click on about phone

Step 2: - Now you just have to tap on your Android version many times until something’s open if you have a jelly bean you will be able to play jelly bean game and if you have lollipop device then you would be able to play lollipop game its depend on your android version.

Note: -You will be unable to play this game on custom ROMs.

Conclusion: -If you are thinking to root your phone then I will say you to go for it, but if it is in warranty period then I will not suggest it.By rooting your android phone, you can learn much more things about your Android device, and you will become a real master of it

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