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How to complete a survey or bypass survey For Free



How to complete a survey or bypass survey – Hello guys we trickdad we are here on the topic of How to complete a survey or bypass survey as you know guys now these days everyone is forcing people to do a survey to download a files that are needed by the individual or some time a person fills survey for their own their benefit like money, But Blogger primary purpose for forcing you to make complete a survey is to earn money through the survey via PPD program. So today I am going to tell you How to complete a survey or bypass survey very quickly without so much hard work.

How to complete a survey or bypass survey

Survey are mainly provided you to gather some information likes your email id or what do you like or somethings else for their making doing affiliate marketing, selling their products or for many other purposes. I am going to tell you some ways through which you can complete a survey or bypass survey of fileice, Adscend Media, Dollar uploads,cleanfile,sharecash and many others.
Before Starting how you can survey bypass lets discuss some things that we should not do that prevent us from not unlocking survey file
  •          Use of disposable email what we do in survey bypass is that we fill a disposable email in the survey.we should fill good email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail or other and also try to fill good email new or different every time you will a survey that will increase your chance of unlocking file through survey
  •         We should Clean up our cookies before starting a survey because survey provides always track your cookies id means which site you visit like fake name generator, disposable email and others this tell them clearly that you use false information for filling a it is very much important to clean up cookies before completing a survey online.
  •         We should disable the pop-up blocker this is another main cause of not unlocking locked survey file so you should always disable the pop-up blocker at the time of doing surveys.
  •          At a time of doing a survey, we just hurry up and fill all the survey we should go slow and do not try to rush because most of the survey have the time limits.
  •         You IP-address may be blacklisted or already in the system of an affiliate marketer. If you trying to do the survey for a long time and not unlocking the file, then you must change your IP address this will help you in survey bypass
To complete fileice, Adscend Media, Dollar uploads,cleanfile,sharecash we should follow this step:-
Step 1: – First of all we are going to clean all the cookies by going on history clear browsing data, or you can do it simply by the clean master or another software.
Step 2: -Now we have to go the link which we have to do the survey and choose the survey with the name of $100 Walmart or any other offer that have money because these are very easy to do and always unlock the survey file.You can also choose any other survey, but I prefer this types of survey
Step 3: – Now we have to go through the survey and fill right with all the information (No Fake Information) that they required, do not try to hurry and click whatever you want, go slow and do the survey this will help you to unlock the file without any problem.
Step 4: – That is it.After filling all the right information in the survey, you will open your file.

How to skip survey

You can also skip this surveys by just disabling javascript of your browser, but this won’t let you unlock any file.
Video Tutorial On how to bypass surveys:-
Conclusion: -Doing a surveys or surveys bypass is very easy if you follow all the guidelines I have told you the post.By doing this type of surveys, you can also make money and also get many premium account or other things by doing this type of surveys.I hope you like this article


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