How To Get Free Vps From Digitalocean Without Credit Card

How to get free VPS from the digitalocean without a credit card- Hello guys welcome to our blog trickydad we are back with an amazing trick through which you can get free VPS from the digitalocean without a credit card.You can use for pbn sites, web hosting, or you can use some bots on the VPS, and you can do much more thing without even paying any single penny.As you know the digitalocean is a very famous site for cloud hosting but its price is too much high, but through this, you can use their service without paying any single penny.So let me tell you all the requirement steps and some precaution that you should do to get the VPS easily without getting banned.

The requirement for Getting Free VPS From Digitalocean Without Credit Card are: -
  • Proper Internet Connection is required
  • A mind with patience is required
  • VCC is needed for getting a free trial of any premium account.VCC stands for a virtual credit card that you can get free via some sites, or you have to provide them your real credit card but don’t worry I provide you a list of sites through which you can use a virtual credit card (VCC) for free.
  • Required 2rs for verification in a virtual credit card to get premium trial it will be returned in 2-5 days. Some sites don't need this verification charge, but in the most service It required the verification charge
  • Zeta Account is required for the second method in that method you don't want any verification fee or something else, but this method only works for Indian users.

A precaution you should take at a time of getting free VPS from  Digitalocean Without Credit Card are: -

  • Always use a new credit card at the time of signup if you use a single credit card in all account then your digitalocean account can be banned.
  • If you face verification issue like your account is locked after registering in the digitalocean the reason might be that you created lots of account from single IP.Always prefer new IP and new account for this purpose you can use VPN, ssh servers or another method to change your IP.
  • Always Fill the same details that you enter on your VCC like if I enter the name sahil suman in my VCC, then I have to enter sahil suman at the time when you registering in the digitalocean.

How to get Virtual Credit Card for free:-

You can get a virtual credit card from many sites but some of them required your credit card verification and government proof but I have a list of the site through which you can get a free virtual credit card without paying any single penny so here is the list of that sites.

1. Wirex

Wirex is a cloud-based personal banking platform that offers bitcoin debit cards, debit cards, remittances and mobile banking for free without costing any charge it was founded by Dmitry Lazarichev, Pavel Matveev, Georgy Sokolov.It allows you use your credit card to use the feature of mobile banking but it also provide virtual credit card without charging any cost for the first time, but you need to verify it with usa number that you can do it by text now, text plus or any service that provide virtual numbers.


Yandex is very famous Russian multinational technology company specializing internet-related services and products.It also develops some internet based services and products and much more it ranked 4th largest search engine in the worldwide It was founded in 1997 it was launched by comptek.It provide virtual card for merchant payment and taking money from user for providing any type of service or something else you can use this for getting virtual credit card on this site too you need to verify your mobile number you can use any disposable number or virtual numbers that you can it for free by text now,text plus or any another site.

3.FreeCharge (Currently Not Working For Getting VCC Use Zeta Instead Of Freecharge)

Freecharge is an e-commerce website.It provides online facilities to recharge any prepaid mobile phone, postpaid mobile, DTH & Data Cards in India.It was founded in August 2010 by Kuna Shah and Sandeep tendon.It was acquired by the snap deal and became second biggest take over in the Indian e-commerce sector this website also provide a virtual credit card to use the freecharge money on any site like a bookmyshow, Amazon, Flipkart or any other, but you can use this credit card to get free premium account trials.

This is the website through which you can get the free virtual credit card for free without paying any single penny there are much more sites through which you can get virtual credits card that will help you to get free premium account trial I just referred you this sites because they are easy to use and also free.To get the virtual credit card, you just follow this steps which are pretty same on all the sites
1.      You have to your convenience website through which you can use your virtual credit card
2.      Now you have to sign up their with your detail like username, password, email and mobile number for verification you can use temp email for bypassing email verification and you can use text now and text plus to bypass mobile number for other details you can use fake name generator this means you have provided your any single data.
3.      After sign up, you have to find the option of virtual credit card and register it with your name and address. Always note your name on your credit card and address because it helps you to verify credit card verification because it is always needed in all sites.

How to Get 2rs in Virtual Credit Card

You got almost all the things for getting premium account trial without credit but now here come a real trouble how can I get 2rs for virtual credit card verification.If you have another credit card, then you can transfer that much amount but if you like me who don’t have any credit card or any other way to get money on a virtual credit card then here are some methods through which you can 2rs for virtual credit card verification.

Method 1:-

· For getting two Rs in your virtual credit card you just sign up in free charge wallet and sign up in taskbusk app
· Now you have to open taskbusk app and try any app or complete offer and reach to the minimum redeem amount.After reaching that amount just redeem it on your free charge wallet
·After redeeming your money you can now get free premium account with trial now you just need to go the site that you want to get the trial of site and just fill your free charge credit card number and sign up with that
·That is it by doing this method you can easily get premium account trial.This is the easiest way to get 2rs in your virtual credit card for verification for free premium trial

Method 2:-

  • This method is little bit complex this method can take up to 1 week to get that much amount.In this method you just have to go to the xapo website and sign up on that site now you have to go to the the website and sign up there and fill the bitcoin address that you get via the xapo website.
  • After signing up in xapo and website you have to complete captcha and roll dice this game is completely based on your luck for rolling every dice everytime you will get some bitcoin after reaching 0.00030000 bitcoin just redeem it to xapo bitcoin address
  • Now you can use xapo website debit card for the verification for getting premium trial

How To Get Free VPS From Digitalocean Without Credit Card (Method 1):-

  1. First of all, visit the digitalocean by clicking here to get $10 dollar for your VPS that you can use it for getting free VPS
  2. Now you have to fill all the detail under Cloud computing, designed for developers and click on Create an account button
  3. At the time for filling credit card option, you will find a coupon option you can fill this and get up to 20$ dollar for free by searching for Google digitalocean sign up coupons, or you can get $50 dollar coupon from Github Student Pack for this you need a .edu email address.after filling coupon, you just need to use your VCC with verification charge that you get from the above method. 
  4. Now that is it you have just created your VPS server and start using your free VPS through your way. 

How To Get Free VPS From Digitalocean Without Credit Card (Method 2 Only For Indian User No VCC Verification Charge Required):-

  1. First of all, visit the digitalocean by clicking here to get $10 dollar for your VPS that you can use it for getting free VPS
  2. Now you have to fill all the detail under Cloud computing, designed for developers and click on Create an account button
  3. At the time for filling credit card option, you will find a coupon option you can fill this and get up to 20$ dollar for free by searching for Google digitalocean sign up coupons, or you can get $50 dollar coupon from Github Student Pack for this you need a .edu email address. Afte filling coupon you just need to download zeta app and register there with your phone number and name you will get your VCC.Now you just need to fill your VCC and register their this app VCC does not require any verification charge in digitalocean website.
  4. Now that is it you have just created your VPS server and start using your free VPS through your way. 
Conclusion: -Getting Free VPS from digitalocean is very easy just required a little bit of work and enjoy your digitalocean premium service for free.I hope you like my article on  How To Get Free VPS From Digitalocean Without Credit Card.So share it with your friends, family, neighbor and save their money too and share it on your social media too.Also visit our website daily because we always share some cool tricks through which you can get free stuff

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