7 Best Ways To Increase Domain Authority of Your Blog

7 Best Tips To Increase Domain Authority of Your Blog-Hello guys welcome to our site trickydad we are back with tips and trick as you know guys domain authority is very important to rank anything.It also helps us to get more traffics and help you rank any post in the Google or any search engine, so domain authority is very much important for your website.So today I will tell you some awesome tips through which you can get amazing domain authority for your blog and help you rank higher in Google.So here are the seven best ways to increase your domain authority of your blog for free without any paying anything.So lets discuss these their benefits before knowing how to increase domain authority of your blog.

Benefits Of Increase Domain Authority

  • Increase in traffic if you have a high domain authority then whether you post chances of ranking of that post is much higher than low authority domain that means you can rank high and get lots of traffic to your website.
  • Help in building trust if you have a blog if you are providing good article but it is not getting delivered to the people due to this low authority domain then increase domain authority could help you to rank higher and serve your content to more people easily and help you to build trust.

How To Increase Domain Authority

Now, lets discuss how we can get high domain authority without doings lots of hard work.I will tell you some awesome ways to which you will be able to get high domain authority so here are some tips to increase it.

  1. Publish High-Quality Content: - Always write high-quality content because it is everything if you have a quality content then you does not need to follow any seo rules.You should always remember this phrase Content is The King.This is the one thing that I learned in my whole blogging journey I have seen that who writes better they are on the top like Harsh Agarwal founder of Shout me loud just check their writing style and the way how he deliver his any article you will see the beauty of writing also you can see copy blogger owner, hellbound blogger and many bloggers they write very well that why they are at the top.High quality helps them to stand in their rank, suppose if they write bad content and try to rank their content with SEO tricks and tips they could rank their content for a while, not for a long time.So always focus on your main goal of publishing high-quality content because of this everything for a blog or a website.
  2. Backlinks: - Backlinks is another most important factor for increasing domain authority and ranking in Google after high-quality content.You can easily build high-quality backlinks by doing guest posts and commenting on other blogs and website, or you can submit your site to the blog in directory sites which provide you do follow backlinks.This will help you very much in ranking your content, so this is another main factor for increasing a domain authority and ranking in google.
  3. Internal Linking Seo: - This is similar to backlink, but in this method, you do not have to make backlink from another website by submitting in blog directory or doing a guest post or commenting on another website.In this method, you just need to do internal linking like if I have written a similar topic that is related to increasing domain authority, I will add the link to that page in our current post or use this method also read your post name and here you can give your website backlink.Take the example of Wikipedia this website is the best example of internal linking you will see that whenever they post they just link their related post that will help him to them to increase their domain authority.
  4. Seo optimized Post: - Writing SEO optimized post is also very much important.This will help you get higher rank very faster.Suppose you have written wonderful content this will get in rank but writing SEO optimized post will help you rank very faster because it will help Google to index it in the much more good way and help you to rank high in google So writing SEO optimized post is also very much important in term of SEO.
  5. Site Speed: Site speed also matters in term of ranking high gives Google a signal that this page is well optimized and deserve to rank high in Google and also help you get more traffic. Suppose you are a blog owner and I am your reader if I try to open your content if it opens very late then I will just close that site probably due to irritation.You can increase your site speed by minimizing the ads and by stop using annoying pop-ups ad and or any other ad try to use Google Adsense or that type of Ad that does not very much annoying.Also, use premium templates that will help you increase in site speed too also choose a good web hosting like Bluehost or other.That will not only help you to increase domain authority, but it will also help you to drive more traffic to your site.
  6. Social Media Profile-This method also helps you to increase your domain authority for this method you just need create lots of social profile and share your post with your social media follower this will help you a lot in increasing website traffic and increasing domain authority.
  7. Mobile Friendly Layout: - Many time I have seen lots of blogs have the very bad layout of their blog that gives the annoying impression to other you should always know this phrase the first impression is the last impression.You can make your blog mobile friendly too by choosing premium templates or choosing mobile friendly templates, and you can also make a mobile friendly website by making your blog amp.Amp is launched by the Google to increase the speed of pages so you can use this feature of Google and increase your speed of the page.

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Conclusion: - I hope you like this content on the topic of Increase Domain Authority of Your Blog.Increasing domain authority is very much simple all you need to focus on your content writing and making high-quality backlink from authority site by doing a guest post.If you like this article, then share it with your friend and help them to grow too and help us too grow too.

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