How To Rank Any Blog Post In Search Engine For Free

How to rank any blog post
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How to rank any blog post in search engine-hello guys welcome to trickydad we are back with an amazing topic How to rank any blog post in the search engine.As you know guys for beginners, we face lots of problem like content not ranking on the search engine and does not get any traffic from organic search.It is hard for a professional blogger to rank any of his content.So today I am back with an amazing guide that is beginners friendly as well for professional too.I am going to describe you from starting to the end how you can rank your blog post so without wasting too much time, let's learn how we can rank in the search engine without having so much problem and gets tons of traffic.

 How to rank any blog post in a search engine:-

Ranking any post in a search engine is not very much difficult if you follow our article correctly.I have ranked more than 100 posts in my other blog in this one I am working on it so I can rank post here too.So let's discuss some main factors of ranking in search engine.

1.Content Exploring

Content exploring is a basic thing that we do we just find some content related to our website by searching or trends or by keyword researching or other ways but today I am going to tell you an amazing way through which you can do it more effectively and rank without doing so much of hard work.So basically this method is about searching for trends, not about keyword researching then writing an content this process done after finding trends then keyword research.Basically, I learned this method by Ryan Stewart in his webinar you can also check that video by searching on youtube how to get more organic traffic right now (0-15k visits in 30 days).I just figure out some amazing points that I can use for my website too.So in further, I will tell you at last of the post how you can apply all these things and rank any blog post in the search engine.

1.High-Quality Content 

High-quality content is the most important things in the search engine.I have told that high-quality plays an important role in ranking in my previous posts.Guys if you have a high-quality content and something unique content then you do not need anything.I have written a post How To Get Free Premium Trial Without Credit Card content on this website that was completely high-quality content and unique content that wasn't available in any single website from that post I am getting around lots of traffic to my site.That post not only helps me to make my site unique it helps my site to grow too.Because this content was completely new and people love to read that content that why every people link to this page and share it.Through that, I got amazing high-quality backlinks to this content and helped to make high authority domain.Now you probably know the importance of high-quality content.So always keep in your mind that high-quality content is enough to beat any site.


After posting an high-quality content you won't instantly starts getting the traffic it takes a long time to speed it up we use a boost called backlinks.Basically, backlinks are the incoming link to a web page.If you have lots of high-quality backlinks then google will treat that backlink as all web page linking to this website this means this website has something valuable that why we have indexed faster and rank it.So this is why we should always make high-quality backlinks because it makes a good impact on a search engine that will help a lot in making our page rank high and post too.So for building backlinks you can comments on sites, submit your site in website directory and do a guest post and add your content link with that anchor text to rank.

How To Rank Any Blog Post In Search Engine

Now you know the importance of content exploring, high-quality content writting, backlinks now lets learn how to do that by complete step by step method.
  1. First of all, we have to decide what we have to write here I want to write about Nike shoes for my affiliate marketing content.
  2. Now you have decided your topic in which you want to write about like I have done I have to write about Nike shoes.Now you need to visit Instagram and type your keyword and see the link sharing or content sharing by the Instagram user so you can find out which things is in trend.
  3. After finding that you have to search in google for that keyword and find some other keywords through google auto complete system or LSI keyword planner and do research about that keyword like figuring out the sites that are ranking for that keyword is they are an authority site like Wikipedia and other if you got authority sites then try to avoid that keyword and try to find out that keyword that have low competition and easy to rank.
  4. After finding all the keyword that is related to your topic then go to google search about your topic and visit top 10 sites and figure out how many words they have written about that content.
  5. Now you have found the words of the content try to add more words than that websites.
  6. After having an high-quality content related to your topic now you have to build high quality backlinks you can do it via guest posts, comments and submission to site directory.
  7. After Doing all this process you have to wait for the result.Basically, the result will be fast if you have done the work nicely.

Conclusion: - I hope you like my content about How to rank any blog post in the search engine.This content will help you a lot in ranking high in the search engine and help to get lots of organic traffic if you follows this guide correctly.If you like my content do share on your social networking sites that will help us and your friends too and see you in the next post.

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  1. whats the strategy u had build for getting high quality backlinks

    1. I will tell you the strategy in my next post in elaborated form

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    1. Your website is related to affiliate marketing right? Well if you want to make that blog on top you should mainly focus on quality content don't write this type of this that you should buy this product something like this Always provide them a real review about the product and then add a buy button with red in color that will help you lot to increase your revenue in affiliate marketing.After that focus on finding low competition keyword for your website and make back links related to your niche that will help you lot to go on top.

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