How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings By Blocking URL

Hello, guys welcome to trickydad we are back again with some tricks through which you can increase your Google Adsense earning.Basically, guys, Google Adsense is the best CPC network and most common way to make money from blog or website.Google Adsense pays is not only best CPC network it is also best advertising site and publisher site for anyone who wants to promote their business because Google Adsense always provide high quality click to by advertising in a similar site.But for the publishers, the amount money they get is very much high than another advertising network, so everyone prefers Google Adsense.But for some sites making money with Google Adsense is very much hard because they get very low traffic which means low income but I have a trick through which you can make more money from Google Adsense even you have low traffic.By this trick, you can Increase Adsense Earning Safe and Instant without any problem.

Guys, this method work via blocking low paying ads.Basically, guys, some people pay a small amount for CPC or for displaying ad or some people high money for displaying ad this basically depends on competition on theirs.So if we remove the low paying ads, then we will get more earning in AdSense right?So let's learn How to Boost Adsense Income by Blocking Low Paying Ads.

What is Benefit of Block URL in Google Adsense

When you follow this trick and block all the low paying ads site, you will increase your Adsense income.Basically, by blocking URL in Google Adsense it will block the these to display ad on your site this will help your site to earn more money from Google AdSense without any problem, and it is safe and instant too.So let's discuss its benefits too and learn how we can block this ad in Google Adsense and make more money from Google Adsense.

Benefit of Block URL in Google Adsense

  • Increase in CPC
  • Increase in CTR and
  • Much More

How to block Low Paying CPC Ads in Adsense

  1. For blocking the low paying CPC ads, you need to go to your Google Adsense dashboard that you can do it by clicking here.
  2. After Opening the Google Adsense, you need to go to Allow & Block Ads.
  3. Now you have to paste the list of the website that is given below.
  4. Voila you learned How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings By Blocking URL
1st- home-
5-top –
10-top –
all – free –
best –
computer –
download- it –
downtown- in
drift –
expert –
ez –
faster –
free – lyrics-
free – pictures-
info –
internet –
links –
logo –
movies – all –
top –
top –

How to Block Sensitive Categories

Now you know how you can block low paying ad by URL now lets learn how we can block sensitive categories like we have a blog which is about tech if we show tech-related ad then we definitely get more CPC so we are blog another categories too like gambling, Casino and much more so let's learn how we can block by sensitive categories

  1. For blocking sensitive categories just go to  your Adsense account and click on to Allow & Blocks ads 
  2. Now after going to allow & Blocks ads now click on Sensitive Categories
  3. After Clicking on sensitive categories just block all the ads, the are not related to your site.

Conclusion: really -Increasing Google Adsense Earnings By Blocking URL is very much simple, and this helps lot have a

good amount of money in Adsense and increase PC and much more.If you like this article do share on your social networking sites, it will support us and help your friends and you to become more successful because this motivation will help us to bring more innovative contents


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