How To Make Money From Facebook For Free

How to make money from Facebook – Hello guys, welcome to trickydad we are here on the topic of How to make money from Facebook. As we know guys everyone wants to make some money, but the point is that we don’t know the right way how we can make money, to solve this problem I am here with an easy way through which you can make money with Facebook. I cannot promise you can make money on facebook if you think you don’t have to do anything just read this article and that is it.You have to work a little bit, so you will be able to make money almost $ 10 per day (Minimum amount) at starting.If you work hard then you will be able to make more than $ 100 per day, so its all depends on your work how hard you work I am just going to tell you the methods through which you can make money online with Facebook. So without wasting so much time, lets move on to the methods through which you can make money online with Facebook

Method 1: Make Money With Facebook page

Making money with the Facebook page is them an easiest way to make money online with a facebook page.This method you require a little bit of investment approx 500 dollars.Through this, you will be able to make lots of will depend on your quality of page likes means what’s type of content they like to see. For ex: - if you've made a joke page then you have to post advertisement related to jokes. Check this steps below for better understanding let me clear you whole process step by step how to make a Facebook page and advertise on Facebook and gain Facebook page likes and advertise on that Facebook page.

Step 1: - Click on arrow button after that click on create a page after clicking that you have to all the details fill about what type of page you want (Prefer to create a joke page because its get liked by all the people)here I am going to make a page of trickydad.

Step 2: -After creating a Facebook page make the page look like a professional I mean to make that Facebook page awesome that got liked by all the people.For doing this customize all the profile photo and cover photo of Facebook page and fill all the description (fill it very carefully because it is going to be shown to the all people if you have bad description then you can lose your likes).After filling all the things start posting content related to your Facebook page here my page is about SEO, blogging, Android, and other that I am going to post there almost 10-20 post.

Step 3: - After posting everything you have to go to create a Facebook advertisement of your Facebook page by going to your page and advertise with us just click on that and fill all your credit cards information and other payment related information. After doing this you have to customize your advertisement for that you need a wonderful cover photo that really attracts people if it is annoying then no buddy going to like it so make it look wonderful, always ask one question before publishing your Facebook advertisement If I were the  page liker of your I would like your page or not you will get the answer whatever this advertisement is good or not.You can also ask your friends for Facebook advertisement.

Step 4 :- After creating cool Facebook advertisement and publishing it on Facebook then I am damn sure that you will get lots of like ,now you were I was suppose to make money not to get like then here is the answer now you have to post advertisement you can get some page which required advertisement from this viral9 or another related site , also you can use your own blog and write wonderful content through this too you will be able to make much money from advertising another site, but you have to do little bit of more hard work.You can also make money with affiliate marketing you can put any product from Amazon , Flipkart, snapdeal affiliate to your site and write something cool that attract visitors to buy that product.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method:-

  • ·         You don’t have to lots of works
  • ·         You can make money with facebook page easily
  • ·         Its required Investment for earning from Facebook page

Method 2: - Making Money with Facebook by doing affiliate marketing

It is an also amazing way to make money online with Facebook.Its best part is that it does not require any investment and there is no limit how much you can earn all the money.It will depend on how much you work so before telling the method to let me tell you what is affiliate marketing after that I will tell you the process through which you can make money with Facebook

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically selling products of another guy who want to sell his product like Amazon, Flipkart,snapdeal they want to sell their product for selling their product they provide about 5-15% percent commission on all the products. Not only e-marketing sites provide affiliate marketing many other sites provides too who wanna to sell their product they provide even more commsion around 30% for ex: - Grammarly,yoast, and others.

To Make Money with Facebook by doing affiliate marketing steps:-

Step 1 :- for doing affiliate marketing you basically need a Facebook account and have a large circles, or you have to be many quality groups as possible related to your product you want to do affiliate marketing for ex: - if I want to do affiliate marketing of Yoast plugin then I have to go blog related group because this tool is made for bloggers.

Step 2:- After searching the groups that is suitable for your blog then you have to have to advertise there don’t spam on groups advertise is a good way write a blog post about the product about the product you want to sell writ e some good points about that product why you should buy the product this is also a good way to track audience activity too you can create your blog for free on WordPress, Blogger and other platforms you can also advertise that product directly  but  I prefer to write a blog post because it helps me to make people feel that this product is for you also write description about the post in facebook groups too it will most likely will infuse people more

Step 3: - That is it you have just wait for the result. Am I damn sure that you will earn lots of money through this.

Conclusion: -Making money with Facebook is easy, but you have to do some work, its all depend on you how do you influence people and approach people in the right way if you do that in a nice way then you will be able to make tons of money.There are also some chances that won’t be able to make a single penny because you have to do something wrong for preventing this you have to you can use review your activity, or you can ask in forums that are related to money making for ex: - blackhat world, shout me loud forum, and others

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