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Free Premium Account – No Survey (WWE | Netflix | Zevera | Zbigz | Hulu | Spotify)

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Hello Friends, Today I going to share some premium account like – WWE, Netflix, Zevera, Zbigz, etc… We want you to use premium account this, of course, does not give you the money for the premium account because it is totally free. This some premium account may be a daily update. People who can not pay for a premium account we have brought the opportunity for them to access the premium account for free.Basically, we are sharing Netflix premium account, WWE premium account, never a premium account,zbigz premium account, Spotify premium account, Hulu premium account and much more without any survey or anything.We are providing your premium account for completely free without anything.So before going to the premium account post lets me describe all the features of each account one by one and tell you some benefits of it.

About WWE

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is an American openly traded and privately controlled entertainment company.They deal in professional of wrestling, with revenue film, music, video games, and much more.WWE refers to the professional wrestling promotion.It was established by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt in 1952 as Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd.
Benefits of WWE Premium Account
  1. It provides 24/7 scheduled programming and an on-demand library that you can access from anywhere and anytime.
  1. Every lives WWE pay-per-view events including WrestleMania.
  1. It provides Groundbreaking original series, reality shows, and documentaries and much more.
  1. All WWE, WCW, ECW pay-per-views and perfect matches – uncut and uncensored.
  1. Best features of this WWE Premium account is you can Replays of your favorite Raw and SmackDown Live episodes and much more.   
  1. They add Thousands of hours of on-demand content with new programming, and it is, added every week.
About Netflix
Netflix is an American company created by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, in California. They provide streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD by mail and much more things.Netflix expanded into film and television production, as well as an online distribution of movies and much more things.
Benefits of Netflix Premium Account
  • With Netflix premium account, you can watch any content at any place and at any time for completely free without paying any money.
  • The quality of content on Netflix premium account is really amazing.You can take a pick from various genres like action, or TV shows, and documentaries and many other that you can enjoy watching in HD.
  • Netflix premium account also provides a personal touch by offering individualized packages that appeal to the taste of a particular customer and much more.
  • It produces really amazing original content like documentaries and TV shows which have been conferred with several awards and many others. So when you use our free Netflix premium account to Netflix premium user gets to watch original content that is not available on any other movie streaming networks or any networks.
  • Their channels also update its content on a regular basis with new documentaries and TV shows. Indian viewers and they will also get the option of subtitles and dubbing thus, curetting the content and adapting it to one’s taste.
  • Through Netflix premium account, people can watch content on their Apple TVs, Xboxes, and Blu-Ray players and much more. If they want to catch it they can do it by their Netflix premium on-the–go, all they need to download the Netflix app on their smartphones. Netflix premium user can also catch the content on Netflix. So, there is a wide range of media to choose from.

About Hulu

Hulu started out as a venture between several major media networks.Hulu started its subscription service.While Hulu was meant to be viewed without a fee and on a computer. Hulu added some new ways to watch streaming TV through apps and expanded content on Hulu. They started as internet TV provider began as TV-only, but it has since added a selection of movie choices. Because you have the ability to watch any of the latest television episodes shortly.

PROS / Hulu premium is the best way to catch up the current episodes of the biggest network like Netflix, HBO, and others.
CONS / Their Commercials plans are a serious drawback to the user experience.
 VERDICT / Hulu worth a good value and is close to achieving streaming greatness with an impressive selection of up-to-date shows and complete series and much more.

About Zevera

Zevera is a new system that allows you to download files from many different sharing hosts and save money. You don’t need to buy different sharing hosts like turbo bit, Uploading, Hotfile, etc. to download all their files.

Benefits of Zevera Premium Account

  • Zevera.comcom premium account provides a single account for serval multiple services.It takes just one account for 118 file hosting sites.
  • Zevera provides very high downloading speed for premium service members.
  • They Ideal for multiple commercial sites owners to provide a large number of downloading options for a single file.
  • They Provide 100% privacy of data and payment details and in much more ways.

About Zbigz

Zbigz is a gateway between large data storage between networks and you. You do not need to download or use any complicated software.

Benefits of Zbigz Premium Account: –

  • They allow us to Download torrent files with Full speed using their premium account that we are providing for free means zbigz premium for free. With this zbigz premium, you can access unlimited torrent files with full speed.
  • Download files without any size limit. As there is a limit of 1000MB in the free zbigz account.But with our premium zbigz account, you can access to the maximum speed possible.
  • They give us maximum speed which your ISP is providing you.
  • They provide No speed capping: In the premium account of zbigz, there is no speed capping of 50-150kbps.
  • High-speed torrent caching: Your torrent files will be cached at a  very faster.
  • You don’t have to wait for any single time.
  • They provide Torrent to direct link, or you can say Torrent to IDM.


About Spotify

Spotify is a Swedish commercial music streaming, podcast and video service that give us digital rights management–protected content from record labels from media companies.It is available in mostly for Americas and Western Europe.Their Music can be browsed or searched by artist, album, genre, or record label and much more ways.
Spotify was launched in September 2008.  Spotify had more than 75 million users and 20 million paid users in 2015 June. The amount of premium user reached 30 million in March 2016 and still increasing. Spotify operates as the parent company its headquartered in London, while Spotify handles research and development in Stockholm

Benefits of Spotify Premium Account: –


You can start playing Spotify tracks almost straightaway without waiting any single time as if you were playing any CD that coming though the music’s coming from the Internet. Spotify’s technical have worked hard to make the listening processes fast. Who needs any digital file for any thing you listen to  Spotify can help free up precious space on your computer’s hard drive.This does not mean you can play any music streaming is flawless every time.It is very much impressive, and you can so easily forget that you aren’t listening to music you have on your computer.


At the center of the Spotify, a universe is a music playlist, which is like the mix of old music and new music and letting you create a group of your favorite tracks dedicated theme with an era, genre, artist, or and other things. Spotify encouraged to turn albums into playlists so that you can listen to best songs as the artist originally. Playlists can be created to complement a piece of things. For, e.g., when the coveted Mercury Music Prize 2011 winner was told, a member of Spotify community site posted a link containing all tracks from the winner’ albums in a convenient list.


Spotify Premium subscribers have the best Spotify experience because they can listen to any song on the web in Spotify music on their devices. Spotify supports offline syncing, so you can save tracks to your phone and listen to them in an Offline mode without lots of data charge.



Sharing Spotify music helps you discover new music and much more. When you hear something exciting and new then your friends are usually the first people that you tell — Spotify Premium lets you do that easily. You can share links, or you can passively publish your playlists to your public Spotify profile. Spotify is going to be closely tied into Facebook, so you don’t need to put in much effort in the building yet another social network — all your Spotify friends on Facebook and or in other social networks are listed there for you, so you don’t need to find your friends.

How to use Netflix Using Cookies –

Netflix is a premium service that provides you latest tv shows, charge movies and much more bchargesfor it service.As you know that I have provided the netflix premium account for free in my site but due to regular pass change issue make me annoyed and my visitor too because they wern’t able to use the netflix premium account.So I am back with an netflix cookie login that will prevent the password change issue and help you enjoy the netflix premium account wthout any issues.So here is the steps on how to netflix premium account with cookies
  1. To use this netflix via cookies you need to download EditThisCookies in your chrome browser.
  2. Now go below to this post and see the section of netflix premium account from their is the option of netflix cookies just go there and grab the cookies
  3. After grabbing netflix cookies and installing EditThisCookies Extension now you have to go to the main site of netflix.
  4. After going to main netflix site you need to click on EditThisCookies extension and click on edit cookies
  5. After that paste the cookies that you get from our netflix premium account section.
  6. After pasting the cookies just refresh the page you will see that you are automatically logged in
Video Tutorial


How To Use Below Give Some Premium Account –

  1. Go To Below Link.
  2. Then you consider only 1-2 skip shorter links.
  3. After you got login details or may be auto-login on a premium account.
  4. Now you have to use that account to get the premium service for free
  5. That’s It. Now enjoy yourself

Take Note – Some people have too much smart make the premium account password change, please do not change the password for premium account otherwise forced me the giveaway will stop, put more skip ads and may be put survey.

Below Giving You Some Premium Account

Zbigz Premium Account 2017
1.) Give Me Details | Binbox Password ypQpbEZ2
2.) Login Automated Link

[ Last Update 01-08-17 ]
NetFlix Premium Account 2017
Give Me Details | Binbox password FMTWhR8E
Cookies Details | Binbox Password eduQuie6
[ Last Update 01-08-17 ]
Update: – Cookie Features is added
Note : – Don’t Change the password just enjoy the netflix
WWE Premium Account 2017
Give Me Details | Binbox password TOSOCWVI
[ Last Update 01-08-17 ]

Zevera Premium Account 2017
1.) Give Me Details | Binbox password UW9A7SXI
[ Last Update 01-08-17 ]

Hulu Premium Account 2017
1.) Give Me Details | Binbox password 05pmlBLC
[ Last Update 01-08-17 ]


Spotify Premium Account 2017

1.) Give Me Details | Binbox password KxgfmqKV

[ Last Update 01-08-17 ]

Note:- We Stopped Updating Premium Account Here Because We Made A Forum In That We Post Premium Account like netflix,hulu,spotify,wwe,expressvpn and much more.So visit our forum and register there
Note: -If any premium account password change comment below and also please change the passwordConclusion: – I hope you like our mega premium account list that include Netflix premium account, WWE premium account, never a premium account,zbigz premium account, Spotify premium account, Hulu premium account for free without any survey or any things.We are just sharing this premium account to you because many people can’t avail this premium service because its cost is very high or any other problem.So we care about you, so we are providing you a premium account of Netflix premium account, WWE premium account,zbigz premium account, Spotify premium account, Hulu premium account for free without any survey or any things.I hope you like our article on the premium account so do share with your friends and family and help them to avail all premium service for free and see you in our next post.
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