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How To Make Single Name On Facebook For Free

As we know that Facebook doesn’t allow us to make our name in a single word. So the question is here that how can I make a single name on Facebook.. well, This trick is too easy and 100 % working. After reading this content you will be able to create your account with the single name.. This can be done in few steps.



How to make single name on Facebook

1.Open Google Chrome [The Latest Version] Install Hola VPN Extension =>Click Here Click on Get Hola After Opening The Hola Page…
2. After Clicking on, Youll see a Pop-Up To Confirm Adding The Extension, Click on Add
3. After Successful Installation, Youll see the Hola icon on the Right-Upper Corner Of your Bookmark Tab
4.Now Turn on the Hola by Clicking on the icon Select Indonesia As The Browsing Location


5. After that, your Location will be Changed To Indonesia
6. Log-iN toYour Facebook Open Your Account, Go to Settings > General Then Change Your Account Language into Bahasa Indonesia
7. Now Go to settings Put Your first name as your choice Remove your Last Name Click on Review Change.
8. You Will Be Promoted to a Page.You need To Enter your Password.
Now Change Your Language to your Preferred Language.To Remove Extension, Right click on Icon and select, Remove from Chrome.
This trick is 100% working and tested by me and some other friends. If you feel any problems or difficulties, don’t forget to comments I am waiting.
Conclusion: -I hope you like How to make a single name on facebook and be able to make a single name facebook account.Basically making single name Facebook account is very easy just required little bit of patience and need to follow our method correctly that is it


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