3 Unique Ways To Increase Website Traffic


It wouldn't be wonderful if we get tons of website traffic without lots of hard work?.It sounds like a dream isn't it.But today I am going to reveal my secret ways that I personally used to get lots of website traffic.

We get website traffic basically from organic search, referral traffic from Facebook, Twitter, iPinterest and other social media or by referral traffic from the other website for that we have to do guest posts or pay for it.

IfIsay that i can provide you tons of website traffic by asking questions and sharing your website links, then its sounds 'incredible isn't it.But today I will tell you an awesome way through which you can get tons of website traffic just by asking questions or sharing content on the website.Well before telling you this method I want to tell you that this website traffic gaining way I got from my research and help from my friend Adarsh M founder of  ODNEVN.So lets learn about how to get website traffic.

How Does This Method Increase Website Traffic

We all know that we have some problem in some topic.So basically what we do to get the answer? We search on Google, .ask our friend, isn't I?Basically, we always do a search of our question in google and get the answer.Have you noticed the search results of your questions?

It contains answer of your question by blog or by the forum.These are the thing that you find most of the time while searching for your answer of your question isn't it.Basically, in this method, we ask questions and add our link to get the website traffic from that forum to get the website traffic to your website.So you probably became confused this time because most of the time you share the link to your question and answer via the link the moderator will delete your blog post due to link promotion or its is against the rule.

But today I will tell you incredible ways that will help you to bring target traffic and help you a lot.So Let us discuss the 3 Unique Ways To Increase Website Traffic.

Increase Website Traffic With Forums

Basically, you understand the process of increasing the website traffic but still have the doubt of how we can prevent moderator of that forum to prevent from deleting our post and do it in a legally way so let's discuss this.Basically all we know that all the forum allow signature where we can add our website link, and we can solve the problem of other members that helps us to increase website traffic.

So what we do in this method we add a related answer of the question in our signature menu and ask a question, and it starts ranking on Google because they are authority site and you craft the question very well.The moderator will never delete that post due to your signature and its legal according to their forum rules too.

Now you probably get the answer where we add our links.Now let's check out the whole ways that we use to increase the website traffic with forums.

  1. Now to start gaining tons of website traffic from forums you need to find out some high authoritative forums that are related to your niche.Well, here I will choose Warrior Forum because it is related to blogging, marketing and things related to blogging and my site is also related to this traffic that will help this forum questions to rank faster.
  2. Now we have to do some keywords research you probably start thinking why we should to do keyword research?.Basically, we have to do keyword research to get organic traffic from Google to the forum then to your website.If you do not do the keyword research and just ask a question, it might not rank in the search engine that why we have to do keyword research too before asking a question in your niche related forum.
  3. Now we have to ask a question and use the keywords with low difficulty and rank with that forum post that is pretty easy to do because they are high authority sites they have lots of good signals via a search engine.
  4. Now you have to add the question answer website link on the signature by clicking on the account there you will find the signature option you have to add your text with your URL and save it you can add an image to that will be more effective than adding text in the signature.This method has one more benefit that they will get high quality backlinks it will be no-follow but it still worth.
  5. That's it Now you have to sit back and relax, and you will start gaining website traffic.

Increase Website Traffic With Sharing Links

Now you probably understand the first method of increasing website traffic through forum this method is also pretty same, but in this method, you don't have to add your links in signature.In this method, you directly share your content on high authority sites and start gaining traffic from it.

So in this method, you don't have to search for any forum or do any search.You just need to paste your blog URL with some context about your content and just paste it.So let's learn step by step process.

  1. Now to start gaining tons of website traffic from sharing links you just need to go to medium, bloglov, inbound or any similar type of sites that allow you to share your link and your thoughts too 
  2. Now after going to this website you have to sign up there with your account.Make a decent profile and fill every field like the photo, your URL, about you and another field that will help you to look more professional in this sites.
  3. Now you just need to click on share or thought or post your content you need to fill the content not enter the full content and add your website link to read the full content like this way.Don't share your links only because by adding some content on that post will help that link sharing site to rank that will give you organic traffic via link sharing site to your website.
  4. That's it Now you have to sit back and relax, and you will start gaining website traffic.

Increase Website Traffic With Comments

You probably got two unique ways to get lots of traffic but this trick is pretty common, but I am providing this method too because many people use this method but not in right way that does not help them to bring lots of website traffic to their site.So basically we all know we hate to go related niche site and comment there what we do we just go there and write a comment thank you, buddy, for this wonderful post or anything thing similar to this.Do you know what does this show to the author? This basically shows that they just are building backlinks they don't have an interest in their post they are here for making backlink and another reader of that post think same too.So you have to read the whole content and write about the certain topic in a deep manner and share your feeling and at last, add your website name, not the URL by saying this founder of trickydad (fill your site here).So let me show you an example of my comment that I did in the shoutmeloud website this comment is pretty short this is the minimum size of comment that I do on every site.

Hello Kisensreehari,
Yea buddy Search Traffic are much better than social traffic basically there are two main things
1.Targeted Traffic
2.Traffic Always Come
And other things too.Btw I have a question how much time a blog content takes to rank for a new blog
Waiting For Reply,
Sahil Suman
Founder of Trickydad.com

Benefits of Good Comments: - 

  • Increase in traffic because if a reader sees this person has comment well and write about that in a deep manner, he might be a good blogger that why we have to take a look at their website too.This will happen you increase in website traffic.
  • Increase in Backlink all we know that if we comment their is an option of placing our website link that we can place there and got a backlink, it will be no-follow backlink mostly but it still worth because it is from a high authority site.

Conclusion: - I hope you like our topic on 3 Unique Ways To Increase Website Traffic.Basically increase website traffic does not require that much time you just need to know how we can do it in right manner that will help you bring lots of web traffic.If you like our article share it with your friend or share it on social media your share means a lot to me.

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  1. Hi Sahil, Is forum signature dead? Because most of the popular forums were removed this option. And you are right sharing is one of the best way to gain traffic for website especially for bloggers.

    1. Well bro every forum is providing signature but you have to go to the forum and look for that option carefully like blackhatworld still provide signature option and many popular site provide to.I suggest you to look for signature in deep way.It may be possible that your forum site does not allow signature.

    2. Thanks Sahil, Just had a doubt because of Google algorithms.


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