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Have you ever tried to find reliable content writing services or content writing marketplaces online?

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to find a secure place to buy high-quality content?

If your answer is yes to all of the above questions, Contentmart may be the place for you. There is a plethora of content writing service providers and content writing marketplaces online. But it is difficult to find a freelancing content marketplace that provides services with variety and quality. Contentmart is one of the established portals which help potential clients find writers from all around the world. It is an ideal place to find a content developer, programmer, freelance content writers, and bloggers around the world. It is a great place to find niche writers for your specific content needs.

What is Contentmart?

Contentmart can be defined as a digital portal that provides content buyers free services to purchase content from a freelance content writer. It is an ideal place to hire a content writer to fulfil your content based requirements. Contentmart has talented content creators from around the globe available to provide you services. You can hire a professional content writer and communicate with her or him through the platform.

Contentmart for Clients:

Contentmart is easy to use. It connects clients with potential freelance content writers who can provide you with top-notch content. Handling user interface for a new user is easy. You need to go through a series of steps prescribed by Contentmart and register yourself as a content buyer. They have explained the workings of the site in depth in a filtered format.
The portal has thousands of registered freelance content writers. They are specialised in various domains writing like health, education, digital marketing, software, I.T, jobs, politics, PR, advertisements, and web design. You can find writers from all around the globe. In addition to this, you can get content in Indian regional languages too. You can hire a content writer for writing academic journals, blogs, SEO articles, website pages, digital marketing, and technical writing.

The majority of writers are quite capable of delivering high-quality & error-free content copies. They are known for their high standards and quality. They are easy to communicate with and work. You can also hire a professional writer by checking his or her's educational qualification and work experience. Many working IT professionals and web professionals are found on this site. Freelance content writers on this site are rated according to their skills.

How to place an order:

It is important for a content buyer to register themselves. Incomplete profiles are not beneficial on this site. You lose credibility if you have an incomplete profile. Contentmart keeps your details confidential, and they are not shared with anyone. You can make a profile and fill up your wallet. Just put up an order and put up order details like deadline, word limit, price, and work details. You can attach a document explaining your case. You can fill your account with a pay pal account or directly with a debit card. Clients are allowed to fill their wallet in rupees or dollars.

When you put up an order, many freelance content writers bid on your order. You can choose the best writer from the bidders. Contentmart allows you the option of chatting with a potential freelance content writer before hiring him or her. Writers cannot initiate a conversation with you without your consent which protects you from unnecessary messages and spams. You can fill your order balance and put up a deadline for a given project and check on the writer’s progress.

Contentmart for writers:

Content creators need registration too. Make your Contentmart profile attractive, fill in all the fields, add your descriptions properly and, upload your picture to gain customer trust. To be successful on this platform, freelance content writers need to deliver a bit more than expected. Avoid plagiarism or copying content from anywhere. It can get you banned for 30 days. Concentrate on making your clients happy and never bid on orders you cannot complete within the given period. This is the recipe for success on Contentmart.

How to bid:

Bidding on an order on Contentmart is very easy. There are thousands of client searching to hire a professional writer. A freelance content writer is given the opportunity to bid on an order if they fill out the necessary details required by Contentmart and make a whole profile. Bidding is an easy process you just need to click the blue box saying “Bid” on every published order. It is the writer’s responsibility to read the order details carefully and check the deadline before bidding. Do not bid on an order if you cannot complete it. Incomplete orders or inability to complete orders can make you lose customers.

Affiliate Program of Contentmart:

Contentmart has launched an affiliate program which can help users earn some profit. The program has been initiated to help users make some money. If you invite customers on Contentmart, you can successfully acquire 10% commissions from all their orders. Freelance content writers, as well as content buyers, can benefit from this program. The more active, your clients the more money you earn.

Advantages of using contentmart:

•You can get quality content for less. Freelance content writers charge per word. The charges are as low as $0.01 per word. You can expect 4000 words for $ 30- $40. Hundreds of writers bid on one order. There are always ample of talented freelance contentwriters to bid. You can easily hire a content writer amongst them.

•Contentmart, unlike other sites, is free from any hassle. The requirements of this site are very simple.

•Making payments on Contentmart is incredibly easy. You can easily cancel the order if you are not pleased.

•Contentmart is very secure; they are very cautious when storing the financial and personal details of customers and buyers. Defaulters on Contentmart are banned for a period of 30 days or more. Banning is a necessary action to keep a platform free of frauds and spammers. You cannot ask for personal data of the writers. Also, they can’t ask for your details.
Sharing of email addresses or contact number can get you banned. If you communicate with the Contentmart staff, they can arrange telephone consultation for you with the writer. This feature is unique for any content marketplace, or service provider.


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