5 Mind Blowing Features of the Shareit App [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you have not been living under the rock till date, then I am pretty sure that you already know about the Shareit app. Shareit apps is known as the best file sharing app for Android ever made. With over 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store, Shareit remains the most popular file sharing android apps. According to one survey, out of every ten smartphones, 3 have the Shareit app installed on them. If you haven't used the Shareit app yet, I would urge you to download the Shareit apk and install it on your device.

In this article, I will tell you about some amazing features of the Shareit app through an infographic

Features of the Shareit App

Transcript of the infographic

Here are five amazing features of the Shareit app which make it stand out from the crowd.

Super Fast Speed

One of the best features of the Shareit app is that it is very fast. When I say fast, I mean it. I have personally tested this and found out that Shareit is the best in terms of speed.

  • It is around 200 times faster than Bluetooth
  • Under best conditions, a speed of over 20mbps can be obtained.

Allows cross-platform sharing

The best thing about this app is that you can share files from one platform device to another platform device.
For example, you can send files from
  • Android to iOS
  • iOS to Android
  • Android to PC
  • PC to Android 
and also same with other platforms.

Supports all formats

Another great thing about this app is that almost every file format is supported by it. You can use the app to send and receive
  • Apk files
  • Mp3 and other audio files
  • Video files
  • Documents
and almost every other major file format.

Can Connect PC with Phone

You can also use the Shareit app to connect your phone with your PC and literally replicate your entire PC. Isn't this amazing? This is something which I liked the most. You can just use the Shareit QR Code to connect the Pc with Phone.

No network restriction

This is also something which you will love the most. You need not be connected to any internet connection in order to use the Shareit app to transfer files. All you need is a wifi router or an android device and you can do the needful.

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