Everything That You Wanted To Know About Tekken 8

Everything That You Wanted To Know About Tekken 8

If you are one of those people who are looking forward to getting to Tekken 8, then this is the right place for you! We will provide you all the information that you need regarding the game. & we can tell you that you will not be disappointed!. So, here we go! Get yourself prepared!

It is part of the game franchise Tekken which was created, developed and published by Namco. The original Tekken was released in December 1994. A reboot of the entire franchise instead of just a continuation from where it was left will also be probably applauded by game-lovers. Tekken 8  is expected to be a reworking from the ground up from where Tekken 7 left. If we try to look at the things that fans most want to see from the upcoming version of the game, then we would find the following things. Many sequels have been developed, all to various level of success over the years. The concept of the game involves the events of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation.

Speaking of the system requirements that are required for the game, nothing is finalized, but based on rumors, we can say that the following things might be needed. The operating system must be at least Windows 7 64-bit.

The processor should be at least Intel Core i3-4340 @ 3.6 Ghz. It should at least have a graphics of AMS Radeon R7 370, OR, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660.

Besides, it must also have 8GB RAM, along with a storage of 80GB and DirectX 11.
 The original version of the game was known simply as Tekken, while the second version of the game was called Tekken 2. The third version of the game was called Tekken 3. The fourth version of the game was called Tekken Tag Tournament. The fifth version of the game was known as Tekken 4. The sixth version of the game was called Tekken 5. The seventh version of the game was called Tekken5: Dark Resurrection. The eighth version of the game was called Tekken 6 and the ninth version of the game was called Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

In the new game, game-lovers want to see cool customization options for characters, including new costumes and stage appearances among others. Game lovers would applaud if the costumes are made to look more detailed. New moves and mechanics for each fighters, if introduced, can also be seen as a welcome change.  If Japanese arcade, mobile and home video game publisher Bandai Namco is working on making the game interactive among players, then that would be a welcome change for game-lovers.

A significant prospect which might be an exciting thing for fans would be providing the ability to play the game in Virtual Reality (VR). It may be accompanied with more fluid animation and overall graphical upgrade. All of these can be incorporated with the help of a new gaming engine.

The last iteration, Tekken 7 was announced to be released for Xbox One and Windows. It will be released in 2017. It will be the latest edition of the game.  It means that Tekken 8 will not come out before at least 2018. Till then, all we can do is think and wonder how the game would be once it launches. Tekken is described as one of the best selling fighting game franchises of all time.

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