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We realize the importance of content distribution when we see our competitors trying all possible ways to grab some attention. We reserve a separate budget for social media and while we do this we should also plan strategies and budget for distributing relevant content. Every effort, right from content creation, research and building followers will get nullified if you lack content marketing skills. You can rely on an online portal like Contentmart to avail exceptional content, but you also need to find ways to share content and reach maximum audience.

  1. Content distribution tools will amplify your content reach

So once you have created a great content that can fulfill the purpose of your business, the next step is to create effective digital content distribution strategy. This will take the content and the purpose of the content to the next level. There are innumerable content distribution tools available, but this requires high quality content and you can hire professional writers from Contentmart at affordable prices for the same. SimpleReach, Outbrain, Taboola, Xink and are some of the tools that can make the process easier. These tools have different traits and you can choose according to your need. For instance, Xink is email signature software which enables marketers to connect email accounts of team members to expand distribution and also improve visibility of your content.

After creating content, half the war is won and what happens once you publish will prove the strength of you curated content. Leverage these content distribution tools to build a powerful impact about your brand among the audiences.

  1. Encouraging your business partners to help in the distribution process

Involve your partners and ask them to contribute in sharing your content. Having strong connections on social media and building a rapport with your customers will become a strong support for your brand. Start reaching your target customers through employees and partners. This the best content distribution marketing technique to get your content shared. Three main things you need to make this work is good content (writers), partners and employees. We cannot take content for granted and the entire process can turn into a big fail if the content is just average. Hire professional writers from Contentmart for effective content curation to build informative articles.

  1. Make announcement in niche communities and networking sites

Social networking sites are bursting at the seams with industry-specific communities and blog posts the go viral. You have to become an active member of these communities and build relationships with people who are interested in the same niche. Once you try this tactic, you will eventually find a surge in traffic and the credit goes to the communities who readily support and spread the word about your business. One of the common platforms where people share their views and answers to different queries is Quora.

  1. Create a content series for required social media platforms

One of the best ways to sell your content is to create suspense in your content. This will make your readers more curious and they will tend to look for more information regarding the same. A perfect series of content will keep them interested. If you are beginning with an email, craft an eye-catchy content which contains introductory chapters. Later start shooting the rest of the chapters and keep them engaged with your brand. In social media, especially Twitter, instead of series, share one blog post and tweet (highlight) each point in the post. People who are not into reading or are too busy to go through the entire post will find interesting.

  1. Place a link below your email signature and market your brand

Marketing professionals and entrepreneurs connect with their departments, customers, distributors and suppliers through email. Placing a link to your blog website posts while you send a mail will encourage them to run through your business and stay updated about your products and services. If the information proves useful to the recipients, they will be grateful to you for sharing the link. This will even increase your shares if they like the content and you can get hold of your potential customers. The more you personalize this based on the kind of people, interests and communities you choose to share, the better the results.

Final words- The above distribution tactics are used by marketers these days to build brand image and to flourish well informed content on various platforms. A well-researched content has the power to conquer the hearts of your consumers and build a positive perception about your brand. Contentmart is a one-stop destination to get quality content from professionals. Efforts that you put on building good content and distributing it will fritter away. So leverage social media and share meaningful blog posts for your consumers.

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