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Video Players for Android : Top 4 Players You Can Download And Use

It is really wonderful to think how watching movies merged from that big screen in theaters to our mobile phones. With the advent of smart phones and the supporting Android platform made watching desired movies or video clips of favorite TV series, sports, news, cartoons, songs, featured films and etc. so easy and relaxing.  This advent certainly demands great media players in your Android to make your watch experience more wonderful and productive.


Well, that is why I thought it to be worthwhile in letting you know all about the Top Video Players for Android. Yes, this highlighted list of video players has been jotted down depending on today’s scenario of preferences and choices made by the video freaks like you and me.

best video players for Android

There is lots video player like VLC Player, MX player, Mobo player etc, so I have listed the best video players names here. Well, picking up the best video player from the huge stock of available players is not easy.That is the reason why you sometimes found an error like – codec not supported or such. Not necessarily every media player out there will support all the media files available. But yes, the listed out media players do support a wide range of file formats with ease and provide you a comfortable experience in watching your favorite video clip.


Let us then get started discussing the top listed preferred video players for your Android device.

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Top Video Players for Android: the Top 4

In here I have listed for you the best video players for Android free download.


Yes, these best four media players will be available as free stuff for your device.Also, the availability is made feasible in both primary app stores like Google Play. Or else, you can get it from any of the third party app store and in apk file format too.

Mobo Player

Mobo Player needs to top the list. It is among the group of senior video players that till now is maintaining its performance consistency. The spurt shot of new advancement made in its settings has made it a consistent player. Well, choosing this media player will definitely allow you to watch any media file format.

Android video player

It also facilitates the viewers with subtitles, playlist, and flexible playback. Also, you have a great opportunity in streaming videos via HTTP and RTSP protocols. It is a solid package that also provides some additional plugins that in a way increases the functionality of the player.

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MX Player

MX Player is another most advanced media player suitable for your Android. With great features, it also supports media files of any format. Also, it virtually supports media files of every codec. The similarity of the MX Player and the Mobo Player lies in the fact that both the player provides some additional plug-ins which increase the functionality of the MX player APK.

Video player apps

It has lots of exciting features that include hardware decoding and hardware accelerated playback. Well, these features were included at that time when other players could not even imagine or think to incorporate into their settings. Along with these, the player provides gesture controls, subtitle, kids locking facility and much more to be added.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most advanced forms of Android video player. Mainly received the acclamation due to great supporting app for every media file format, especially DVD ISO ones. VLC has some quirky features that include the streaming ability of videos if the media player is provided with the URL.

vlc for android

It has all the inbuilt codes that do not make it necessary for some extra plug-in downloads. The unique features include – provision of the subtitle, audio and video support, multi track audio and much more to be added in the list.


XBMC is the former name of the player Kodi. The up gradation did bring up advancement in the functioning of the media player. It is a power pack application that allows viewing video files, supporting audio files even. The user interface is awesomely built. Also, it a great option if your Android device possessesbest video player big screen. Though it works as per your expectation, still you might find something unique once you use any quirky codec. It does not allow any ads in between the videos. Thus, the watch via this player is a great option for Android users.

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Indeed, the above mentioned Top Video Players for Android has proved to be the all format video player for Android free download. Fetch them for free from the easily available store, the Google Play Store and enjoy the watch of good videos.

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