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How to Use Dual WhatsApp on Android Phone

WhatsApp is very common and popular messaging app for Android which will help you send and share instant messages. Using this app, you can not only send or receive text messages, but also will allow you to send Voice message, Videos, Audios, documents files, Map etc. And also some of the advance features like the Snapchat-like story is also available in the in WhatsApp. Well having these awesome features, you can enjoy the app for almost everything. But yet, there is still one features lacking behind in this app i.e. to use dual WhatsApp account on Android.

Many of us wonder, if WhatsApp could be used in two accounts. There is some situation where we want to keep our social, personal or official life separately. And as WhatsApp group has become a medium to connect each other even for the use of office or family members, it has become a very necessary for getting the Dual WhatsApp.

Well, now you can actually get dual WhatsApp in a single phone. There are some third party apps or tools by which you can easily get two separate accounts for your dual Sim card or phone number. So now let us get into the tutorials for Dual WhatsApp account.

How to use dual WhatsApp on Android phone

If you want to use Dual WhatsApp on a single Android phone, you have to install secondary app to work on your WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp plus or Parallel Space app you can actually get two WhatsApp accounts.  Here below are the following tutorials to download and start using dual WhatsApp.


GBWhatsApp (WhatsApp plus) allows you to install dual WhatsApp without any Root. You can use Official WhatsApp along with GbWhatsApp. Along with WhatsApp, you get many customization options that allow you to change colors, themes and wallpapers of your WhatsApp.Devs-Lab Download GBWhatsApp APK

Create Dual WhatsApp account using WhatsApp plus

WhatsApp plus is the Mods for WhatsApp official which have better features compared to WhatsApp official app. And the best features of it are ability to get two accounts in a single phone using two phone numbers.

To use the WhatsApp plus, you first have to download the app. The app is free to download and is available in its official site. All you have to do is download the Apk file for the app and install then you are allowed to use dual WhatsApp account.

Steps for creating dual WhatsApp account

  • Download and install the Whatsapp plus app on your Android phone
  • Now open your WhatsApp plus app on your phone
  • Add your dual phone number (alternative) that is currently not login to your WhatsApp account.
  • Next you will get a verification code to verify the existence of your phone number
  • Finally you got another account of WhatsApp with your alternative phone number
  • Enjoy Dual WhatsApp



Create Dual WhatsApp account using Parallel Space- Multi accounts

WhatsApp plus is actually not from the original WhatsApp. They are the mod version which was created by different developer. So there can be some issue for security. Hence we have brought you this alternative choice to make dual WhatsApp account i.e. using the Parallel Space app.

This app is available in the Google play store and is quite safer to use. You can download the app easily for android device and the main function of this app is to clone certain apps. Besides WhatsApp, you can also clone other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook etc. So let us now begin with the tutorials for getting dual WhatsApp using Parallel space app.

Steps for creating dual WhatsApp Account using Parallel Space

  • Go to your Google play store app and download the Parallel Space app
  • Once it is installed now open the app on your Android phone
  • Next click on large “+” icon on the screen to add  apps
  • Now you can see a list of installed app on your phone and select the WhatsApp to create a clone of it
  • Finally you have created the clone of the WhatsApp.
  • Now open the WhatsApp on your Parallel space app and enter your alternative phone number (dual Sim)
  • Ultimately, you got your Two WhatsApp account along with the existing one on your smartphone




So these are the complete details by which you can easily download on your Android smartphone to use Dual WhatsApp on Android phone. As there is no such features provided on the WhatsApp original to get two WhatsApp accounts, so you must get the third party tools or app. And the best one that can get is the WhatsApp plus and Parallel space app.

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